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Benefits of learning Music
A Music Education exposes the student to the incomparable.

Early musical training helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning​. There is also a link between Music and spatial intelligence, critical to solve advance Mathematics. Students of Music learn to think creatively, are more successful on standardized test such as the SAT and achieve higher grades in High School.​

​A Music Education provides children with an internal glimpse of other cultures​. Through Music study students learn to develop compassion and empathy, attention to detail and the value of sustained effort to achieve excellence and the concrete rewards of hard work.

​​Music enhances team work skills, discipline and coordination. More over, will​ refine time management and organization skills. Learning an instrument teaches perseverance, improves reading and comprehension skills, while increasing responsibility and memory, as well as, sharpening concentration. Music will foster your self-expression, promote social skills and boost listening skills and self-esteem. Music performance can also teach people to conquer fear and to take risks in life.​

A recent research suggest that regularly playing and instrument changes the shape of the brain and can be used in therapy to improve cognitive skills and relieve stress.​

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