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Osvaldo Rodriguez

Violin, Piano, Drums and Latin Percussion.


Born and raised in Cuba, Osvaldo Rodriguez, began his musical training at the age of six. He attended Alexandro Garcia Caturla, one of the many notorious Elementary and Intermediate Music Academies in Havana City; where he finished his studies, mainly classical, of Violin and Piano, as well as, Music History,Theory, Solfeggio and Choir at the age of 14. Osvaldo continued and finished his music studies at The National School of Music (ENA), one of the most prestigious Music Colleges in Cuba and Latin America, where he continued his previous courses and added Drums, Electric Guitar, Harmony, Counterpoint, Music Analysis, Composition, Orchestral Arrangement and Pedagogy among other subjects; at this point Osvaldo focused more on Popular Music.

As a student, Osvaldo, performed in many Major Events and competitions all around Cuba, as a solo artist and in major ensembles such as The National Cuban Children Symphonic Orchestra, garnering many musical accolades, as well as, appearances on TV, Radio and the Press. Every Summer, his father, also a musician, took young Osvaldo to his Tours; with the purpose of teaching him stage techniques, Osvaldo who already knew their repertoire, performed with the band. The rest of the year most of Osvaldo’s life consisted on attending twelve hours of school, six for music and the other six for his academic studies and a strict practice regime at home, just like every cuban music student.

Osvaldo Continued his career as a professional musician in his native Cuba, where he performed and/or recorded with some of the most popular ensembles in the country including the The National Cuban Symphonic Orchestra, Rojitas Salsa Band, Geraldo Alfonso, Ramon Fabian Veloz, Freehole Negro, among many others. Osvaldo continued appearing on TV, Radio and The Press, repetitively. He has also toured extensively with many Cuban artists to destinations as far flung as Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, and Japan. As a Caracol award-winner, Osvaldo has also composed and arranged music for documentaries, film, TV, as well as many prominent cuban singers.

Although being a busy musician did not leaved Osvaldo with much time, he always managed to find some for teaching. Osvaldo taught for ten years at Alexandro Garcia Caturla, touching the life of many, now wonderful musicians like
Yosvani Castaneda, among others.

Since arriving in Toronto in 2002, Osvaldo has already performed and/or recorded with several prominent local artists including Mariachi Mexico Amigo,Mariachi Fuego,Cassava Latin Rhythms, Johannes Linstead, Tipica Toronto, Evaristo Machado, Amanda Martinez and many others. He has also appeared in most of the major venues in the city such as Wave Theater, Koerner Hall, Lula Lounge, the Montreal Bistro, the Red Violin, the Rex Hotel, the Gladstone Hotel, the Distillery, the Harbourfront Centre and, in addition, some other major venues such as the Niagara Falls Casino, as well as other important venues in Montreal and Saskatoon and outside Canada, like Mexico and in New York’s Blue Note Jazz Club, this last one considered one of the world’s most famous jazz venues and one of the best known and most expensive in New York. Osvaldo’s increasing reputation resulted in his nomination as Violinist of the Year for the National Jazz Awards 2007.
Osvaldo has appeared on CityLine, and has been featured many times on JAZZ.FM91 “Cafe Latino”.

Osvaldo is rapidly becoming recognized as an accomplished violinist with a dynamic and charismatic stage presence. He has a warm, beautiful sound and outstanding improvisational skills. In addition, Osvaldo is a great pianist, violinist, percussionist and vocalist, all of which he couples with a genuine “Cuban soul”.

Although performing has kept Osvaldo very occupied since arriving in Toronto, he has find some time for teaching. In the past 15 years Osvaldo has taught at various Music Schools in the GTA, as well as, many private students. Osvaldo now counts with 29 years of teaching experience, and enjoys teaching as much as  he enjoins performing.  Osvaldo  co-founded Super Tonic Music School, with his wife, Raquel Olmos, in 2012.


Raquel Olmos

Piano, Singing, Theory and Music Education.

Born and raised in Cuba, Raquel Olmos began her musical studies at a young age. Being the youngest daughter of one of Cuba’s greatest singers and member of the very well known, Orchestra Aragon, music always surrounded Raquel’s world. She started taking Piano lessons with a private instructor at the age of five, soon after, she started attending The Elementary and Intermediate Music Academy Paulita Concepcion, and started her studies of Piano, Choir Singing as well as Theory, Solfeggio, Music History, among other subjects. Raquel, always a sharp student at the top of her class, started performing and competing on behalf of the school in many major events and Competitions, not just in Music, but also Math, Literature and Science; garnering numerous accolades, as well as, TV and Radio appearances and recording sessions with notorious cuban musicians.

After graduating from Paulita Concepcion, Raquel Attended The National School of Music (ENA) one of the most prestigious Music College in Cuba and Latin America. She continued her music studies, now majoring on Choir Conducting. While at the ENA, Raquel took courses of Choir Conducting, Opera and Choral Singing, Piano, Music History, Solfeggio, Harmony, Counterpoint, Music Analysis, Choral Arrangement, Body Expression, Pedagogy and Psychology among other subjects. All of which she coupled with her other academic studies.

For her Graduation Recital, as a Choir Conductor, Raquel prepared a repertoire with different choir ensembles, mixed voices, female, male, chamber and children; the School provided all but the children. For her children choir Raquel, decided to work in a very poor neighborhood of Havana city, where she taught twenty children how to sing. After the success at the Recital, the parents asked Raquel to continue working with this children. Raquel founded Cantoria Ronda in 1998, recorded two CDs in Radio Progreso Studios, did many TV appearances and preformed at most of the major venues in the city. The difficult life of these children was completely filled and transformed after that, most of them follow the music path, went to a music academy and are now professional musicians.

After graduating from the National School of Music, Raquel Olmos, performed and/or recorded with some of the most popular ensembles in the country including the National Cuban Choir, Scola Cantorum Coralina, Ars Longa and Rojitas Salsa Band among many others; touring with these Cuba, and to Japan and Canada.

As a Choir conductor and teacher, Raquel worked extensively with children. Se was one of the conductors and teachers at The National Cuban Children Choir and taught Choir, Theory and Piano at Paulita Conception. In addition, Raquel had many private students at her house, most of these she prepared for auditions at the most prestigious music academies in Havana; and are now professional musicians in her native Cuba.

Since arriving in Toronto, Raquel has performed and/or recorded with several prominent local bands and choirs including Evaristo Machado, Sonido Cubano,Black Market and Palestrina Chamber Choir among others. She has also appeared in
some of the major venues in the city such as Lula Lounge, the Red Violin, the Harbourfront, The MacMillan Theater, The Columbus Centre and The Niagara Falls Casino.

As an experienced and dedicated teacher, Raquel has been teaching Piano,Voice,Theory, Harmony,Music History, Cuban Music, Choir, Preschool Music Programs, Music to Special Needs, to children, teenagers, adults and seniors in Toronto since 2003. Privately and in schools such as the Ontario Conservatory of Music, A Sharp School of Music, The Toronto University, among others; successfully presenting students to The Royal Conservatory Exams, School auditions, including Etobicoke School of the Arts, Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts and Father John Redmond and competitions, such as, the Canadian Music League and The Next Start.

Raquel passion for teaching continues to grow and has led to the opening of Super Tonic Music School in 2012, in partnership with her husband, Osvaldo Rodriguez. She now counts with  22 years of teaching experience, and could not enjoy more being surrounded by her students, and passing on to them all her wisdom and love for music. Raquel has a unique teaching style that combines professionalism and fun, all of which she couples with a genuine smile.




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