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      ***All our lessons are customized to the needs/likes/goals/capability of each student, as determined by the teacher***

Private Lessons

Piano: The best instrument to start music at any age!! Learn all the fundamentals of music while developing discipline, proper technique, sight reading and musicianship.

 Violin: Develop listening skills and self discipline while learning how to play this beautiful instrument with proper technique. As well as sight reading (solfeggio) and Music Fundamentals Suzuki or traditional methods.

 Drums/Latin Percussion: The student will learn proper technique, rhythm, sight reading, Music Fundamentals and co-ordination while having fun with their favorite Percussion Instrument and style.

 Singing: The student will learn all the fundamentals of vocal technique through exercises (vocalizes), as well as, sight reading (solfeggio),vocal health, microphone technique and how to approach, interpret and perform a song. Classical, Modern, Opera,  Jazz and Musical Theatre  Singing techniques included.

Theory: Based on Royal Conservatory of Music guidelines. The student will learn all the fundamentals of Music.

                                                                                     ALSO OFFERING:

Music Examination preparation for The Royal Conservatory of Music as well as preparation for High School and Universities Auditions.

Music Lessons for Seniors to improve quality of life (All Instruments)

Vocal Lessons to improve public speaking

Music Lessons in Spanish (All Instruments)

                                                                                   RATES PER WEEK

                                                    Private Lessons (one lesson per week)  5 years and up

30 min:

Piano/Drums/Latin Percussion – $24
Violin  – $26
Singing (Children)  – $24
Singing  (Adults) – $28

45 min:

Piano/Drums/Latin Percussion – $36
Violin  – $39
Voice (Children)  – $36
Voice (Adults) – $42

1 h:
Piano/Drums/ Latin Percussion – $48
Violin  – $52
Voice (Children)  – $48
Voice (Adults) – $56




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